Small arms for winners

Club 30 S&W – experts for small arms tuning


Since 2009 we are pride member at the gunsmith community “Club 30 S&W”.

This is an association of gunsmiths how are specialised on tuning of small arms.Among other things the statues saying that you have to take once the year part at an advanced training to ensure the high quality demands for selling and building small arms

.From well assorted revolvers and pistols the members of club 30 S&W fulfil their own Club-30 special-weapons.

For example the club has his own polygonal barrel profile, which can just be realized, because of the association of many gunsmiths.

That all together is the reason for small arms of highest quality. Therefor we give one extra year of guaranty.

All other Club-rules you also can see on the Club-30 homepage – just push on the LOGO>>>>


Custom-made products of highest level


Our revolvers on basic of S&W standard models are standing out because of excellent shoot-achievements and longevity. Optically there are now wishes left. We advise a high wear-resistant “PVD-coating” for protecting you newly match-revolver against all influences.


Custom-made products on your demands


For our pistols model 1911 & 2011 we use over-sized components. These components are joined by hand together with care to assume them free of float.

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