Pistol carbines

Each one is unique


On the basic of original drawings we build pistol carbines in absolutely reliable function and quality. At this juncture the historical original is in the front. To raise this can just be done while using best materials so that the customer leaves no more wishes. Individual stocking and handmade cases are the standard.
Luger P08 carbines

A technical highlight!


The efforts´ are huge to make a P08 with an extra-long barrel ready to fire. After several prototypes we did it – it is absolute reliable. Due to a hard chromed adjustable gas-pressure-booster, it is possible and adjusts two different gas pressures and allows to fire different elaborations.

Mauser C96 carbines

A real rarity!


It is the alternative und our answer due to the knee-lever-breech. Technically a masterpiece of gunsmithing.Scarcely to get useful pieces we decided to build all housing parts by ourselves. This was the reason why we decide to include a magazine

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