The basic

On basic for our P08-carbine we solely use best pistols of pre-war fabrication.After checking all parts the weapon is going to be overworked in several hours of handwork till the conditions can be called as good as new.


Luger P08 – carbine


A technical highlight!

The efforts´ are huge to make a P08 with an extra-long barrel ready to fire. After several prototypes we did it – it is absolute reliable. Due to a hard chromed adjustable gas-pressure-booster, it is possible and adjusts two different gas pressures and allows to fire different elaborations.

The stocking

Fine marmorated woods are used after long storing to become a customised stock.The checkering is hand carved on the elaborated by hand grinded oil-stock.

The sighting device

The well-known match-sighting device called “Bomar” is mounted for target shooting on the barrel.


For shooting on moving targets we included a Doc-Sight III within an individually build mounting.

The engraving 

Our P08 carbine is engraved with inlaid lines in fine gold as standard.

All of the control elements naturally have a gold finish and highlight the exclusivity of this gun.


This is just topped by a fine colour-hardening 

Barrel and gas pressure booster

The 315 mm long new barrels on our P08 carbines undergo a match treatment and are subsequently screwed onto the reworked gun.

The chambers are adjusted individually by hand.


The gas pressure booster, which we manufacture, can be optionally set on the adjusting screw in two different positions.


Only in this way is it possible to guarantee the 100% functional safety of the toggle joint lock, the impulse of which has been strengthened.

The case

This specially manufactured aluminium case protects your P08-carbine against external influences. The exclusivity is underpinned by red lined interior. Therein you find enough space for cleaning devices; oil can as well as space for the toolings.

Data and options

Calibre:     - 7.65 Para

                  - 9x19 Luger


Key data:   - Magazine capacity 7 rounds

                  - Barrel length 315mm

                   - Doc. Sight III


Stock:         - Custom madestocks

                   - Oil-rubbed finish

                   - Fine English fish skin


Weight: 2.5 kg

Stand 2016