Hunting rifles on measurements


Hunting is pure passion – if not one of the last adventures of our time!


It is more successful and more intensely with an individual Hunting rifle, made just to the customers’ demands

Rifles M98

Classic new issued


A good working rifle is the basic of a successful hunt.The most announced and reliable system is the Mauser M98. We build rifles of all system sizes on old traditions and patents. As a “Take Down” or on basic of original systems, your wishes are no borders given

Stalking rifles

The light one


Elegant and cuddly - these two words could not better describe the characteristics one a one barrelled stalking rifle.Equipped with differ-ent barrels you are optimum equipped for all hunts on the roofs of the world.

Triple-barrelled shotguns

One for everything - the all-rounder


The definitely most elegant way to fire tree shoots in series. We build triple-barrelled shotguns in every imaginable construction. As a Triple-barrelled shotgun with single trigger or as a Triple-barrelled rifle with set trigger and H&H Side looks.

Further possible combinations

Nothing is impossible


As a Gunsmith-master-facility we offer of course further combinations......

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